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Haiku DSM

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Baked Scallops – baked scallops, and yellowtail, jalapeño, roe, with chef sauce (2 pcs)
White Fish Roll – mango, white fish, avocado, spicy crabmeat, tempura with chef sauce
Roll with Beef/Chicken – choice of seared chicken or beef with scallion and cream cheese with eel sauce
*Sexy Salmon – spicy crabmeat & avocado wrapped in salmon with chef dressing
*Kamikaze Roll – tempura eel, spicy tuna, asparagus, avocado and crunch with soy wrap
Egg (Tamago)
Crab Stick (Kani)
*Surf Clam (Hokkigai) 
*Red Snapper (Tai)
*White Tuna
Shrimp (Ebi)
*Squid (Ika)
*Tuna (Maguro)
*Yellowtail (Hamachi)
*Salmon (Sake)
*Octopus (Tako)
*Smoke Salmon
*Salmon Roe (Ikura)
*Scallop (Hotate)
Eel (Unagi) 
Cucumber Roll
Sweet Potato Roll
Buddha Roll – honey roasted peanuts and avocado
California Roll – kani, avocado, and cucumber
*Salmon Roll
*Tuna Roll
Eel Cucumber Roll
Vegetarian Roll – avocado, cucumber, and seaweed salad
Crabmeat Tempura Roll – fried kani, avocado, eel sauce
Shrimp Tempura Roll – shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber
*Alaskan Roll – salmon, avocado, and cucumber
*Yellowtail & Scallion Roll
*Boston Roll – shrimp, Lettuce, cucumber, mayo & roe
*Spicy Roll with Avocado – tuna, salmon or kani
*Philadelphia Roll – smoke salmon, avocado, cream cheese
Spider Roll – soft-shell crab with avocado and cucumber
*Rainbow Roll – kani, cucumber, and avocado with assorted fish on top
*Peach Roll – spicy Salmon and avocado with sweet peaches on top
Dragon Roll – eel and cucumber with thinly sliced avocado on top
Crunch Roll – chicken tempura with avocado, spicy crabmeat on top
*Northern Palace Roll – tempura avocado with spicy tuna and jalapeño on top
Lobster Mango Roll – tempura lobster, spicy salmon, shrimp, and avocado with fresh mango and tuna on top
Las Vegas Roll – tempura roll with salmon, avocado, kani, cream cheese, and eel
NYC Roll – cream cheese, smoked salmon, eel, and avocado with crunch, topped with spicy mayo
*Dynamite Roll – eel and spicy kani with salmon on top
*American Dream – steamed lobster with cucumber, smoked salmon on top with fresh roe
*Sweet Heart Roll – shrimp tempura with salmon yellowtail on top
Manhattan Roll – tempura roll with spicy salmon, kani, and american cheese
Volcano Roll – kani, cucumber, and avocado with spicy scallops on top, then baked
Seacoast Roll – kani, cucumber and avocado with baked squid, kani and shrimp on top
*Tri-Color Roll – spicy tuna and yellowtail with three colorful roe on top
*Seafood Fantasy Roll – tempura oyster and cucumber, with spicy scallops on top
*New England Roll – spicy salmon with pepper tuna, avocado on top, with sweet mayo
*Mango Lover Roll – spicy salmon, shrimp, and avocado with fresh mango and tuna on top
*Rock‘N Roll – tuna, yellowtail with spicy crabmeat and crunch on top
*Tiger Roll – spicy tuna, avocado, with salmon, tuna, yellowtail and eel, topped with crunch and roe
*Spider Net Roll – soft–shell crab with spicy tuna and fresh mango on top
Haiku Roll – tempura oyster with spicy kani, eel, and mango on top
Ocean’s Delight Roll – baked assorted seafood including crabmeat, and shrimp, all wrapped in soy paper
*Drake Roll – shrimp tempura with eel, spicy tuna, shrimp, and avocado on top
Edamame – boiled soybeans
Vegetable Egg Roll – fried and served with red chili sauce
Gyoza – pan-fried pork dumplings
Shrimp Shumai – steamed shrimp dumplings
Crab Rangoon – fried wantons with onions, crabmeat, and cream cheese
Age Dashi Tofu – deep-fried tofu
Kaki Fry – deep-fried oysters
Fried Calamari – breaded and fried squid
Tempura Appetizer – lightly-fried shrimp, broccoli and sweet potato
Soft-Shell Crab – breaded fried soft shell-crab served with Katsu sauce
New Zealand Mussel – baked mussels in seafood sauce
Rock Shrimp – breaded and fried shrimp, served with coconut mayo
Leo’s Treat – tempura kani, shrimp, avocado, asparagus, cheese
*Jalapeño Sashimi – chef choice 6pcs sashimi, jalapeno citrus
*Sashimi Appetizer – chef choice 10pcs sashimi
Fresh Hamachi Kama – broiled yellowtail cheek
Miso Soup
Hot & Sour Soup
La Sa Tom – shrimp, mushroom, tomato, lightly spicy-coconut broth
Tom Yum Soup – shrimp, mushroom, tomato, in lemongrass broth
Seaweed Salad
Squid Salad
Avocado Salad – spring mix and avocado with avocado dressing
Salmon Skin Salad – spring mix and salmon skin with Citrus dressing
Kani Salad – lettuce and kani with mayo dressing
Haiku Salad – spring mix, squid, seaweed salad, kani, avocado with chef dressing
*Pepper Tuna Salad – seared pepper tuna with citrus dressing
*Maki Combo – tuna roll, salmon roll, and california roll
*Spicy Maki Combo – spicy tuna, spicy salmon, and spicy kani rolls
*Sushi Regular – 8pcs of sushi and california roll
*Sushi Deluxe – 10 pcs of assorted sushi, and spicy tuna roll
*American Sushi – 3 pcs tuna, 3 pcs salmon, 3 pcs yellowtail, and spicy salmon avocado
Unagi Don – broiled eel over sushi rice
*Sashimi Regular – 15 pcs of assorted fish and served with steamed rice
*Chirashi – assorted sashimi with steamed rice, seaweed salad, squid salad
*Sashimi Deluxe – 18 pcs of assorted sashimi served with steamed rice
*Sushi & Sashimi Combo – 4 pcs sushi, 10 pcs assorted sashimi, and spicy tuna roll
*Sushi Boat (for 2) – 8 pcs sushi and 16 pcs sashimi with shrimp tempura roll and dragon roll
 *Party Tray (for 3) – 12 pcs sushi and 24 pcs sashimi with las vegas roll and dynamite roll
Pad Thai – thai-style sautéed rice noodles with vegetables and ground peanuts on the side
Yaki Udon – japanese stir-fried noodles with mixed vegetables
Fried Rice – with peas, carrots, onion
Hot & Spicy Chicken – chicken sautéed with jalapeños, bell peppers, and onions

Chicken Katsu – japanese-style fried chicken served with katsu sauce

Crispy Sesame Chicken – fried chicken tossed with sweet sauce

Coconut Shrimp – lightly-battered shrimp glazed with thai coconut mayo

Mongolian Chicken – sautéed with onions and scallions

Mongolian Beef – sautéed with onions and scallions

Thai Curry Sauce -sautéed with mixed vegetables in a spicy red sauce

Japanese Teriyaki Sauce – grilled, served with steamed vegetables

Lemon Grass Sauce – sautéed with mixed vegetables in ground lemongrass

Basil & Brown Sauce – sautéed with mixed vegetables & dry-basil leaves in a homemade brown sauce

Peanut Sauce – sautéed with assorted vegetables and ground peanuts, in a spicy curry sauce

Cheesecake Tempura
Mochi (2pcs) – choice of strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, mango, green tea, and red bean


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